All cast members of “Mononokai the Movie” released; video released with Aina the End’s first animated movie theme song


All cast members of “Mononokai the Movie” released; video released with Aina the End’s first animated movie theme song – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

New information has been announced for the completely new version of the TV anime “Mononoke”, “Mononoke the Movie: Karagasa” (to be released on July 26th). Aina The End will be performing the theme song for the first time in an animated movie, and the trailer video featuring the theme song “Love Sick”, the main visual, and all cast information have been released.

It is composed mainly of lines about the conflicts and sufferings of maids who are forced to “kill their individuality and become part of a group,” and a medicine seller who goes out of his way to cut down and exorcise the monster “Karakasa” that was born from the passion that smolders deep inside. In the trailer, Aina’s sad yet strong singing voice is accompanied by an angry cut that has been carefully crafted to the last detail. In addition, cuts and action scenes of the “Divine Gi”, which is the form the drug seller transforms into when he exorcises the Mononoke, were also shown for the first time.

The new visual is a tense piece that captures the drug seller’s expression at the moment he confronts the Mononoke. The costume has special decorations exclusive to this visual, making it luxurious and not seen anywhere else.

The newly announced additional cast includes Kana Hanazawa as Kitagawa, a senior maid in Ooku that Asa admires, Yuko Kaida as Awashima, a maid who is a direct subordinate of Utayama, and Asa and Kame’s educator. Yukana will play the role of Mugitani, a senior maid who is entrusted with the role of a senior maid.

Yuki Kaji will play the role of Saburomaru, a samurai dispatched by the shogunate to Ooku as a guard, and Jun Fukuyama will play the role of Tairamoto, a samurai who is a colleague of Saburomaru, and the security guard at “Ooku” and “Nanatsunanatsuguchi.” Daisuke Hosomi will play the role of Sakashita, the Hirokiban, Kenjiro Tsuda will play the role of Hokuto Mizorogi, the priest in charge of Ooku’s faith, and Miyu Irino will play the role of Tenshi, the symbol and highest ranking member of the shogunate.

Also, Haruka Tomatsu will play the role of Botan Otomo, a noble man who comes from a prestigious family. Yoko Hikasa will play the role of Fuki Tokita, a courtesan who is favored by the Emperor despite coming from a low-ranking merchant family.

“Mononoke” is a work that was broadcast on Fuji TV’s late-night anime slot “Noitamina” in July 2007. A story about a mysterious man named “Medicine Seller” who has a sword that can kill monsters. A story depicting a medicine seller who travels around the world and a sword to exorcise a demon that cuts through the terrible tragedy caused by the human heart and Ayakashi.

It is a popular work that combines CG processing such as the texture of Japanese paper to create an unprecedented and innovative image.It was a voting project held in 2020 for Noitamina’s 70 works, “3 Memories You Choose” ( It continues to be extremely popular, taking first place in the 2005-2009 production category.

A mysterious man named “Medicine Seller” appears out of nowhere when the Mononoke is born, cuts it, exorcises it, pacifies it, and saves it… This time, the drug seller appears in the “Ooku” where women’s passions swirl. What is the “female passion” that lurks in this gorgeous, majestic and beautiful world, and the true nature of the “Mononoke” that is born there?

■Cast information
Medicine seller: Hiroshi Kamiya
Asa: Tomoyo Kurosawa
Turtle: Aoi Yuuki
Kitagawa: Kana Hanazawa
Utayama: Mami Koyama
Otomo button: Haruka Tomatsu
Tokita Fuki: Yoko Hikasa
Awashima: Yuko Kaida
Mugiya: Yukana
Saburomaru: Yuki Kaji
Hiraki: Jun Fukuyama
Sakashita: Daisuke Hosomi
Son of Heaven: Miyu Irino
Mizorogi Hokuto: Kenjiro Tsuda

All cast members of “Mononokai the Movie” released; video released with Aina the End’s first animated movie theme song

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