5 Recommended RPGs to play during Golden Week – Try your hand at a new game during the long vacation!Introducing recently released works that received “overwhelmingly positive reviews”


5 Recommended RPGs to play during Golden Week – Try your hand at a new game during the long vacation!Introducing recently released works that received “overwhelmingly positive reviews”
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Golden Week has finally arrived… Congratulations to myself for working hard for about a month since the new year! Then, make sure to use your precious vacation meaningfully!

So, in this article, we will introduce five recently released RPGs that you should take this opportunity to play. All of these works are perfect to start during your long vacation, so please watch until the end.

◆“Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” (PS5)
“Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” is the second work in the “Final Fantasy VII Remake Project,” a trilogy that revives FFVII using modern technology.The main character Cloud, along with his friends, takes on the life of the supposedly dead hero Sephiroth. The story depicts a person going on a journey in pursuit of.

Like the previous work, the story development is basically faithful to the events of the original work, but there are several points where some parts diverge into clearly different developments. By adding new interpretations without changing the core parts of the work, it has become a “story that no one can predict” even though the original work exists, giving new players as well as fans a fresh feeling. This is a work that you can enjoy.

In this open-world game, you can explore freely by riding autonomous vehicles such as buggies and Segways, as well as FF’s trademark chocobo. The battle system is an intuitive and strategic battle system that combines three-person party action and command selection battles.

Additionally, the “digest video” feature allows you to look back at the plot of the previous game, so even players who are making their FFVII debut with this game can understand the human relationships and setting to a certain extent.

Why not take this Golden Week opportunity to pick up a masterpiece?

◆“Ryu ga Gotoku 8” (PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/PC)
“Ryu ga Gotoku 8” is set in Hawaii, USA for the first time in the series, and the story revolves around two main characters: “Ichiban Kasuga”, a continuation of the cast from the previous work, and “Kazuma Kiryu”, who is synonymous with the work. It is a dramatic RPG. The clean streetscape that stretches along the deep blue sea is truly a “paradise on earth.” I’m excited about the visuals, which are different from previous works.

The game system follows the traditional format of advancing the story through repeated battles and exploration. In terms of combat, in addition to the turn-based battles of the previous game, a new system has been adopted that allows you to enjoy the familiar real-time combat of the series.

In addition, with the job change system that incorporates the concept of fantasy RPG into the work, you can transform into a samurai, western man, action star, etc. and perform unique actions.

Speaking of the “Ryu ga Gotoku” series, the abundance of mini-games is also an important element. This work includes familiar games such as karaoke, darts, golf, batting center, and mahjong, as well as a “matching app” where you can enjoy love simulations, “Dondoko Island,” which aims to create a comfortable island, and a driving game inspired by “Crazy Taxi.” You can enjoy “Crazy Delivery” etc.

The latest work of “Ryu ga Gotoku”, which boasts the largest volume in the series and is set in a new city. Enjoy a pseudo-Hawaiian life during Golden Week at home.

◆“Persona 3 Reload” (PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/PC)
“Persona 3 Reload” is a remake work that can be said to be the culmination of 18 years in the “Persona 3” series, which has evolved in line with changes in the times and hardware ever since the original version was released in 2006.

This is a perfect remake of the game, without changing the theme of death, which is the complete opposite of its pop and stylish image.

Regarding the content of the remake, first of all, in terms of graphics, it not only improves the image quality, but also combines the UI that was praised around the world with Persona 5, so even when looking at a scene from the game as a still image, it feels rich. became. With the addition of stylish BGM typical of Persona, there is no doubt that the player’s sense of immersion will be further enhanced.

In terms of combat, in addition to the addition of new personas, features such as “Deurgia” have been added, creating a new strategic sense in battle. Deurgia allows you to fill up a special gauge to unleash a powerful and sure-fire attack that ignores your opponent’s resistance, and has new special moves in addition to Persona Summon.

Among the many remake works, this work can definitely be said to be a model for remakes.

In fact, in less than a week after its release, cumulative sales exceeded 1 million copies, setting the fastest record in Atlus’ history. If you’re looking for a game to play during Golden Week, this is definitely a title you should include.

◆“Saga Emerald Beyond” (Nintendo Switch/PS5/PS4/PC/Others)
“Saga Emerald Beyond” is a fantasy RPG in which 5 groups of 6 main characters go on adventures in 17 worlds connected by connected realms, such as heaven, hell, heaven, underground world, and fairyland. This is the 20th work in the series.

The story of this work, which boasts the largest number of branches in the series, progresses by the player choosing one of the green wave “Emerald Visions” that only the main characters can see. The scenario is different for each protagonist, and clearing the story with one of the protagonists will affect the story of the protagonist you select later. Furthermore, even if you visit a world once, a different story will unfold the next time you visit, so a major feature of this work is that the story changes in various ways depending on the six main characters, 17 worlds, and the player’s choices.

In terms of battle system, in addition to the series’ familiar “inspiration” and “formation”, it is easier to play by adopting the conventional “cooperation” instead of the “repeat attack” of the previous work, which had difficult generation conditions. It becomes. Additionally, new elements have been added, such as “domination”, which occurs when you are largely isolated from enemies and allies on the timeline. You can enjoy the deep timeline battle that is the culmination of the series.

We recommend this latest work in the “Saga” series, which has the most branching story in history and a battle system that combines ease of play with deep strategy.

◆“Unicorn Overlord” (Nintendo Switch/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S)
“Unicorn Overlord” is a simulation RPG depicting a super royal adventure story where you meet friends and take on great evil. This is the 20th anniversary work of Atlas x Vanillaware, which worked on “Dragon’s Crown” and “13 Sentinel Defense Zone.”

The story begins in the Kingdom of Cornia, located on the Febris continent, which is made up of five nations, when the warlord Valmore started a rebellion and took control of the world. Time passes, and the main character of this work, Alaine, the prince of the exiled country who was fleeing the war, becomes 17 years old and goes into battle as the leader of the liberation army that rebels across the continent in order to rebuild his homeland, the Kingdom of Cornia, and end the rule of Valmore. The general story is that you throw yourself into it. It’s truly a classic adventure story.

This game inherits the atmosphere and system of the classic SRPG from the 1990s, while adding unique elements and modernity, but the most notable thing is the volume of the game. In addition to the vast map, there are over 60 characters that can be your companions, and there are also various side quests.

Also, main quests and side quests are not completely independent; for example, you may be able to recruit characters who are key to advancing the main quest to your advantage through subquests. Moreover, it is also possible to ignore the regular strategy route and proceed only with the last main quest.

Why not try playing the SRPG “Unicorn Overlord”, which is both voluminous and has a high degree of freedom?

These are 5 recommended RPGs that you should try out during Golden Week. We hope this article will help you make your vacation even better.

5 Recommended RPGs to play during Golden Week – Try your hand at a new game during the long vacation!Introducing recently released works that received “overwhelmingly positive reviews”

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